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The Everlasting Image: Find Your Niagara Wedding Photographer

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Featured Article in Vintage Hotels Magazine with Niagara wedding photographer, Haskell Photography. Finding just the right wedding photographer is a great way to document your big event and tell your story.

Once you know whether the photographer you are considering is available on your wedding date, there are many questions that follow. “How much?” may seem the most obvious question and while it may be a deciding factor, it should not necessarily be the most important when finding a professional to capture your love story through the lens.

Niagara on the Lake Wedding Photography: Haskell Photography captures a serene bride in a blooming garden, showcasing timeless elegance.

During an interview with photographer David Haskell of Haskell Photography, he says, “when it comes to wedding photography, it’s more than just conveying your individualistic style; it’s very much about being versatile. Your main client is the wedding couple. With that kept in mind, one still needs to draw on the ability to capture images that will appeal to the parents, the grandparents, etc. It’s important to stay up to date with trends while ensuring that the photos will remain timeless.” Just as importantly, giving the photographer the opportunity to get to know you and understand your photographic goals will help them in determining how to best cater to your needs and expectations for your celebration.


Photographic documentation is a way of telling a story that truly stands the test of time; a photograph is a memory captured forever. One of the most common wedding horror stories out there is about couples waiting for years or worse, never receiving their wedding photographs. Many have also encountered issues with printing & release rights to their images after their wedding day. Asking your photographer about their delivery time frame and if they place any restrictions on how you may use the photographs is key to avoiding your own wedding horror story.

Rustic Wedding Charm in Niagara: Haskell Photography specializes in capturing heartfelt moments at barn venues, ensuring memories last a lifetime.

Relative to your wedding day as it is to making any decisions in life, you’ll want to avoid surprises. Whether hidden fees, fine print, or in the world of photography, equipment failure, it is important to ensure that you are fully aware of any expenditures up front and that any potential liabilities are covered.

There is no harm in asking a photographer about fees that may be applicable outside of what is included in their wedding photography packages. Based on your wedding timeline, if you think you may require additional coverage, it is typically best to do so before your wedding day whereas purchasing additional images can often be arranged after the fact. Most importantly, be sure to ask before booking a photographer about what steps are taken in case of equipment failure or personal emergency as well as if the photographer holds liability/business insurance. The answers you receive may make or break on your decision as to which photographer to book with!

Niagara on the Lake Candid Wedding Moments: Experience genuine laughter and love captured by Haskell Photography.

A less commonly asked question but one to certainly consider is what sort of attire the photographer will be dressed in on your wedding day. The last thing anyone wants (or expects) at their wedding is for a vendor they’ve hired to show up less than dressed for the occasion. Unfortunately, this has been known to be an issue and though it may seem like a no-brainer for most, it certainly is an eyesore when it happens.


Niagara Falls Bridal Portraits: Haskell Photography brings fairy-tale dreams to life with stunning waterfront wedding photos.

Hiring an efficient wedding coordinator is pivotal to helping you navigate the process of planning your wedding day. Though a photographer may not be the first person to come to mind to assist in this process secondarily, a seasoned wedding photographer can certainly be of aid in developing your wedding timeline. A knowledgeable photographer can offer direction on adequate time allowance for photos throughout your day. Finalizing the timing for your celebration with their advice kept in mind should come with relative ease.


David Haskell sums it up like this: “most important is measuring the artistic strength of the photographer you may be hiring. When viewing their work, are you looking at strong photographic images that are then edited to make them of the highest quality or are you simply seeing a mediocre snapshot that’s been enhanced to slip by? Moreover, be sure that you are choosing a photographer whose work excites you and that you can trust to capture the beautiful story of your wedding day.”

Cherished Moments in Niagara on the Lake: Haskell Photography captures the joy and intimacy of your wedding day with stunning, candid photography.

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