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The Blue Hat Series

We're all about keeping things fresh and bringing you the best, most innovative content. Hot off the press, a brand new set of images from the Haskell Originals Collection:

The Blue Hat Series

This series of photographic art is bright, lighthearted, and fun. Whether you're creating a gallery wall with multiple pieces or letting a single work stand alone, these images are strong enough to hang in any room.

"The beauty of this series is the ever changing expression it presents."

The project itself is partly inspired by the Blue Ribbon Campaign of 2020 that took root in support of our first responders at the beginning of the global pandemic. David Haskell's Blue Hat project will be an open ended series combined of still-life and living themes. "The beauty of this series is the ever changing expression it presents." Haskell expands, "that hat is with me always, if I see the potential for capturing a worthy image, I will take it."


As an evolutionary project, the Blue Hat Series is customizable. Haskell says, "I welcome all ideas and scenarios. A commissioned Blue Hat original is quite amazing."

The first commissioned piece of the series is of Richie the bull terrier. "Take a look at the image of Richie," says Haskell, "his family took me up on the invitation to suggest a shot." The final shot of Richie is printed at a width of 6ft. and absolute addition to their home.

After further discussion with Haskell about the series I realize that, in Haskell's words, "these images are real time. We will not be photoshopping the hat into different scenarios. The blue hat is on or worn as photographed on each subject."

To see the full series, visit The Blue Hat Series Gallery and be sure to #followthebluehat on Haskell's Instagram and Facebook. Keep an eye out for new pieces! If you have an idea, start a conversation today.

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