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Say "YES!" to Boudoir

Chances are, you've heard of boudoir photography

and have maybe even thought about doing a boudoir session of your own!

That would be crazy though, right? WRONG!

Say "YES!" to Boudoir

Everyone wants to do it and everyone deserves to do it.

More and more women are doing boudoir shoots as special gifts for themselves.

Boudoir shoots aren't just about the photos - it's a whole experience!

A boudoir shoot is a fabulous way to embrace your body, feel sexy, and be proud of who you are! It's one of the best confidence boosters out there and as well as the fun memories you'll make, you'll always have the photos to look back on.

Celebrating a milestone or achievement?

What better way to rejoice your beautiful self at this happy point in your life - it's all about YOU!

Milestone birthday? Promotion at work? Maybe you've overcome a hardship in your life and want to celebrate your strength and perseverance. Empower through boudoir.

Spice up the empty nest!

You did it! Give yourself a high-five! Your children are grown and forging their own path in the world.

This is a great time to fire up your married life! Bring a whole new spark to the flame with sexy, beautiful photos of YOU.

For your sweetheart.

Excite and thrill them with a gift unlike any other. Anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas... for any gift-giving occasion, give them a gift that will truly remind them of you.

Bridal Boudoir

A gift for the night before your wedding or the morning of... just a little "tease". Need I say more?

Just because! You don't actually need an occasion. YOU are the best reason!

Letting your guard down and stepping outside of your comfort zone can be nerve racking at first - we get it and it's totally normal! By the time you leave, you'll feel confident and empowered... and maybe already thinking about ideas for round two!


Haskell Photography is always happy to meet with clients before their shoot! If you're from out-of-town, consults by phone or Skype are welcomed also.

Questions to consider:

What are you looking for? Everyone has a reason! We will make your experience unique based around yours.

What do you have in mind for a finished product? A calendar, photo book, prints for your wall... undecided? We'll help you figure that out too!

What you are and are not comfortable with. MISCONCEPTION: "you have to be naked!" We'll provide ideas of what to bring but you can bring whatever makes you feel sexy and confident! Boudoir can be a great reason to go shopping or to repurpose what's already in your closet!

Let's talk about location! We'll toss around ideas together and determine what will be the best fit for your shoot. Some clients prefer the privacy of our professional studio. Others dare to venture to an off-site location.

Hair & Make-up

Availble as a professional service.

Having your hair and make-up done professionally is a great excuse to pamper yourself and bring out your best on camera! Many clients opt for a mani/pedi before their shoot too.

Looking and feeling like a million bucks doesn't have to end when the camera stops shooting - make a night of it! Plan a romantic evening with your sweetheart or a night on the town with friends.

Better yet - double the fun and get your BFF's to book boudoir shoots too! Haskell Photography offers customizable packages for you and your friends. With Haskell Photography's studio located in the heart of Niagara's Wine Country, you and your partners in crime will be in the right place to spend the rest of your day discovering and enjoying all the wineries, restaurants, events, and shopping that the Niagara Wine Route has to offer!

Ready to book your shoot?

Call Haskell Photography at (905)687-1600

or email

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