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Family Portraits

Family Portraits

and why we do them

Every day on our phones we take snapshots of our our families, other people, places... the whole world around us! We at Haskell Photography embrace that practice; it's fundamental!

Photographs are essential to preserving memories.

Memories are powerful

Photographs rank in the top five most cherished personal items - and so important they are to have! As our families grow up, so often do we also grow apart. With the hectic lifestyles everyone leads these days, it is important to take a break to spend quality time with family. Make sure you take the opportunity to have some of the memories you make together captured professionally. In those seemingly rare instances where we're all together, it's fortunate that we all carry a camera in our pockets nowadays... though truly, nothing can replace the professional lifestyle portrait.

Pictures connect us to those who came before

When creating your memories through professional family portraits, keep in mind that you are creating not only a portfolio for your own enjoyment, but for future generations to look onto. Also, not every picture has to be of all family members: one session might be for just the kids; another might be your group; you may even do a generation photo shoot!

When choosing location, reaffirm your family's interests.

  • Do sunny days on the water float your boat? A setting by the lake may be right for your family.

  • Are you avid hikers? A stroll in the woods could be ideal.

  • Some families prefer to kick back and relax. Our studio can accommodate!

  • Do you prefer an urban setting? Consider a location in the heart of the city.

  • Something glamorous in mind? We've got you covered.

Preparing for your photo shoot:

Timing is key! Photo shoots are fun so take the time to plan the day of your family shoot.

  • If you have young kids in your family, be sure to consider their nap times; children are much bubblier when they're well rested.

  • Some clients like to be at their most natural, others take the time to visit a salon before their photo session!

  • Many families take the occasion of being together and go for lunch after.

In regards to wardrobe, once a location has been established, we can help direct you!

Still not sure what to do? Give us a call and we will guide you!

(905)687-1600 or

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