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Get after it: Holiday Photos by Haskell Photography

The 2016 holiday season is upon us...

... and there are many of those due for new family photos!

Once the holidays are in full swing, they can quickly become stressful and busy. Nonetheless, the festive season has a special way of bringing loved ones closer regardless of how often or not we're together throughout the rest of the year.

What better time than the holidays to have your family photos taken?​

Haskell Photography suggests scheduling your family portrait session early this year. The autumn & winter seasons make for beautiful and distinctive photos.

Make Christmas cards... and get it done early!

Framed photos or photo albums make wonderful gifts and timeless keepsakes.

Make sure you take the opportunity to have some of the memories you make together captured professionally. In those seemingly rare instances where we're all together, it's fortunate that we all carry a camera in our pockets nowadays... though truly, nothing can replace the professional lifestyle portrait.

As families change and often grow larger, there's no better way to capture your memories than through the lens.

Book your family portrait session today!

Contact the studio directly at (905)687-1600 or

Haskell Photography's team of professionals are happy to accommodate your family's schedule and location.

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