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The Portrait Party

Are you or do you know someone celebrating one of life’s many milestones? Over the X-Rated bachelorette bash?

Whether a bachelorette party, someone turning 30, 40, 50… or just because, ​Haskell Photography’s Portrait Party makes an amazing gift and creates a very special experience for you and your friends. Don't get me wrong, feeling sexy and drinking wine with the girls is a blast!

"an affordable alternative"

Instead of a day trip to a spa which, for even one person, can quickly become a costly affair; or an evening out on the town including dinner at a swanky restaurant, the Portrait Party is an affordable alternative to what many bachelorette and milestone birthday parties typically entail. Not only will you and your friends share the memories of the experience, Haskell Photography captures them on film for you to forever preserve.

Included in the package, tailored for you and four friends, is professional make-up service, the photo shoot including two looks per person, two handcrafted digital images per person on our signature Haskell Photography USB Flash Drive, wine, and hors d’oeuvres. Haskell Photography is offering their Portrait Party at $1,325! That's only $265 per person!

Five pre-party tips from Haskell Photography:

  1. Skin & Nails: Be sure to moisturize and treat your skin well for at least a week in advance. And for the love of God, stay away from over-doing the self-tanners! It’s a nightmare to Photoshop. If you have the opportunity to, treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure or have the girls over for a fun prep-session to do your nails prior to the party.

  2. Wardrobe: Keep in mind that simple is best. Loud/busy patterns distract from the photo subject, which is you! The idea is to show off the beauty and sensuality of being a woman.

  3. Diet & Sleep: Lots of water. Lots of sleep. Be good to yourself. If you and the girls are getting together to do your nails, don’t drink too much wine. Save it for the party!

  4. Theme & Décor: If you’ve created a theme for your party, feel free to bring to the studio any items you may need to decorate and create the environment you envision.

  5. Music: Last but not least, setting the mood for the photo shoot is crucial. Create a playlist to bring to the studio that blends your favourite tunes along with a suave yet party atmosphere.

Personalize the experience; if you and your friends are country girls, or more the Sex and the City glam type, build your props and your wardrobe around your individualities! Need ideas for a theme or what to bring? Haskell Photography’s professionals are always happy to lend a helping hand.

In addition, the studio has collaborated with other companies to help provide you with wine tastings, accommodations, limo services, etc., so feel free to inquire about the extras. When you book your party, the studio space is included so feel free to bring your party games with you! If you’ve already started making plans, Haskell Photography can come to you at a private residence, a hotel, or even a private yacht.

Book your Portrait Party today! Call 905.687.1600

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