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May 20, 2016



With the kids out of school for the summer, the whole family has more time to enjoy not only the beautiful weather but one another's company! The summer months are always a favourite time to make memories with loved ones.


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Wherever you are and whatever you and yours enjoy doing most in the summer, the most valuable part of life is making beautiful memories together! For years, Haskell Photography has been trusted with capturing some of the most special and memorable moments of his clients' lives: from weddings to newborns, engagements to anniversaries, and all the years in between.


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As our families grow up, so often do we also grow apart. With the hectic lifestyles everyone leads these days, it is important to take a break to spend quality time with family. Make sure you take the opportunity to have some of the memories you make together captured professionally. In those seemingly rare instances where we're all together, it's fortunate that we all carry a camera in our pockets nowadays... though truly, nothing can replace the professional lifestyle portrait.


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