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What is boudoir?

By definition, boudoir photography is "a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects". David Haskell, renowned photographer, looks at the term in another way. Haskell says, "artistically, to me, boudoir is an idea that leads to the direction of a photograph rather than a 'type' of photograph. Unlike some definitions, I don't agree that boudoir photography is different from glamour, artistic nudes, or even fashion. It's just an idea."

Of all the misconceptions surrounding boudoir photography (most of which seem silly), there is one that paramounts:

sensuality + sexuality DOES NOT (necessarily) = naked

"beauty truly lies within each of us"

Take it from a recent newcomer to Haskell Photography:

"David and his team were so friendly and helpful in getting me prepared. When I arrived to the studio he and Guen and their assistant made me VERY comfortable even though I was somewhat nervous. We went through the proofs together a few days later as promised and they turned out fantastic. David's professionalism and expertiece certainly showed in the finished product. I would highly recommend this fun self-fulfilling experience that Haskell Photography offers to anyone. You won't regret it :)"

S.E.R., February 2016

For the curious and inquisitive, Haskell Photography offers complimentary in-studio consultations during which you are welcome to view not only the studio and gallery artwork but an in-depth look at David Haskell's photographic body of work.

Call (905)687-1600 to arrange your consultation and to book your boudoir session today!

Elegance in boudoir.

Taste and class.

Sitting reservations...


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