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Valentine's Boudoir

A special evening planned with your sweetheart for Valentine's Day?

Make it one that they will never forget.

excite and thrill them with a gift unlike any other…

A gift that will truly remind them of you,

beautiful, elegant, sexy

Thinking about it? Haskell Photography's professionals will assist you in tailoring the most memorable and, undoubtedly, the most romantic Valentine's gift one can give - boudoir

"Welcome to the new age of risqué - Boudoir photography.

Everyone wants to do it and everyone deserves to do it. Who needs the privacy of their own bedroom to feel sexy when the secret to feeling sexy is located in the heart of Niagara."

- D. Oddi

"It doesn't matter if you are a size 2 or a plus size, David will make you feel comfortable and sexy,"

"He just knows how to bring the best out of everybody.'"

"beauty and love is timeless"

"Every Valentine's Day, we scour the usual shopping outlets for the perfect romantic gift for our better half... but when it's time for a truly unique and timeless gift, show your love through the lens," says David Haskell,

"The term "trapped in celluloid" is actually quite wonderful; unlike an article of clothing, a dinner, flowers, or a simple night out at the movies, your gift of beauty and love is timeless."


A romantic dinner with your sweetheart then, just before cuddling up with a glass of wine, you absolutely thrill your love with a gift of you: Captured beauty that will last for years to come.

"The truth is, most people won't truly know the value of such a beautiful and meaningful gift for years to come".

Personalize your gift to your sweetheart by creating a presentation of photos bound together in a book, perhaps a calendar they can enjoy all throughout the year, or even something as small as a personalized USB. However you choose to present your gift to them, your loved one will be thrilled to receive your stunning collection of classic, sexy photos.

To book your consultation and boudoir session

while space is still available,

contact the studio at


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