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Resume Photos

Resume styles, like fashion, are continually evolving. Although resume photos were once considered taboo, visuals are quickly becoming an important component of applying for a job.

Writing in Forbes Magazine, management consultant/leadership guru Rob Asghar notes: "Years ago, few newspaper and magazine articles sported a photo of the writer. In our multimedia age, many more articles do ... Certainly, a resume is different from an article. But in our new day, we have all become far more visual in our communications. It allows us to match names and faces.

An employer can receive anywhere from 75-250 applications per job posting. The question is: How do you stand out from the crowd? First impressions are key. Whether you're applying in person or online, you want to make a good one.

Although some think it best to always apply for a job the "old-school" way, many employers now only accept online applications. A favourable personal impact becomes very difficult to make. If you can give yourself an edge over the competition, why shouldn't you?

We now live in a visual, multimedia age. Showing employers the face that goes along with your resume can make a lasting impression.

Haskell Photography is no stranger to business portraits. Owner David Haskell has provided professionals' head shots for decades. On resume headshots, David says: "You need to create a mini-library; some casual, others friendly or serious, but all approachable."

Things to remember:

  • Make sure your resume photographs feature you and/or the key characters represented in your marketing plan.

  • Dress to reflect the profession you are in or hope to join.

  • Keep relaxed, the confidence will show through the camera (perhaps bring your own music to the photo shoot).

  • Professionally done hair and make-up may be a great idea depending on the profession you're looking to join.

  • As always, if you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur! Branding yourself has to be very strategic.


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